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About service

The Best VPN Featuring Fast Servers and Unlimited Traffic

VPN Local helps millions of users around the globe access restricted resources on the Internet. It offers 100% privacy by providing a reliable and secure connection.

An encrypted VPN connection keeps you anonymous online. Both your web-traffic and IP address will be hidden from your ISP and all the websites you visit respectively.

Over 65 countries and 500+ servers around the globe are at your disposal when accessing any geo-dependent content.

Feel Extra Safe with our VPN

Our servers utilize advanced traffic encryption protocols to provide solid protection with minimal speed penalty.

  • Advanced Encryption

    Protect your personal data and privacy with the best traffic encryption methods available.

  • Secure Access

    Feel free to establish Internet connections anywhere you want - VPN will effectively hide all the traffic you send and receive.

  • Online Anonymity

    Protect your online privacy by hiding both your traffic and IP address from your ISP and all the Internet resources you visit.

  • Zero Logging Policy

    We neither collect your personal data for commercial purposes nor sell it.

  • Unlimited Traffic

    We don't count traffic coming through our servers.

  • Cutting-Edge Technologies

    We implement only proven encryption technologies that provide both ultimate encryption and excellent speed.

Accessing Blocked Resources

Gain access to any resource with geo-dependent access restrictions.

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Supported Devices

Currently, iOS and Android (mobile operating systems), as well as Android TV are supported.

Benefits VPN Local

Free VPN with unlimited traffic, and servers in 65+ countries.

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    Servers around the globe
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    App filter
  • Flexible settings
  • Quick connection with Wireguard
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    Bypassing IPS's restrictions with Shadowsocks
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    Secure connection with OpenVPN 2048 key